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Liguria Italy

Like a rainbow extending from the Ventimiglia (border with France) to Lerici (N-ul Toscani) is laid-Liguria Italy. Having a good geographical location, between Apenin montains (In N) which are like a barrier against the cold wind from the North, making climate of Ligure to be more mild, with rainy winters and hot summers. Liguria Italy shine through beautiful mountain landscapes and the beautiful beaches off the coast. Relief and climate favors plantations of flowers, trees, fruits, vines, and the region is known because fisheries industry. Liguria wines are the best in Italy and abroad, the best wine is Vernaccia, produced from the grapes on the hills of Genoa and La Spezia.

Liguria old name dating from pre-Roman times. The Romans arrived in these lands in century II before Christ have built cities and the road Via Aurelia, which traverses the region from East to West.

Genoa, the town situated halfway on Liguria Italy was and still is for many centuries a port city and a important maritime city.In the West of Genoa is Riviera di Ponente, whose ribs descend vertiginous than less, thus allowing the existence of a seaboard with beautiful beaches and paths shaded by palm trees. On East of Genoa we find Riviera di Levante, with rocky sea wall and towns lost among the rocks.


Places to holiday there are many but most of them to find near the sea. Among the most important resorts are Pietra Ligure, Loano, San Remo, Portofino, famous for all the wonderful beaches and entertainment opportunities. Many tourist attractions and famous towns like Monte Carlo in Monaco, the capital of Genoa region, beautiful Cinque Terre area or one of the medieval towns Pisa, Lucca and Florence. 

We can add that Liguria-Italy have different festivals like the San Remo Festival of medieval music in Ventimiglia, the Sea festival in La Spezia and Jazz Festival in Alassio.

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